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We own a Baby shared service account and this is our self owned account. We have full access anywhere and this is where we revealed their secret and figure out what makes them so successful today. We’re their customers and everything we learned are exposed in this web hosting review site. There should be no hidden facts and no fake reviews either. When you choose to signup, remember to use the Hostgator coupons from here and get the biggest discount with up to 25% & 30% saving.

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Hostgator review: Introduction to Hostgator.com

With more than 9 million domains hosted all over the world, and they stand out from other service providers as one of the world’s most sought after web hosting companies. The company has been operating for more than 13 years, since it was founded back in 2002 and it is committed to providing an impeccable uptime guarantee of 99.9%, provided with an easy, 1-click installation. Their dedicated servers rise to the highest standards of quality set in the hosting industry, and what makes this hosting company so special is the wealth of tailored professional and personal hosting services designed to accommodate the needs of each customer.

Hostgator review on shared hosting service.

This is possible the largest cPanel Internet hosting company and their shared hosting services are awesome. Their price is affordable and with the help of discount coupon codes, we can get these plans with another saving. Anyone who looks for website hosting plan would be attracted to this deal.

  1. Hatchling plan is priced at $3.95 per month and recommended for personal website hosting. It allows single domain hosting only and user are not allowed to add more. Use coupon and the discount price is $3.71 only.
  2. Baby plan is the most preferred and suitable for 90% of webmaster needs. This advanced plan allows unlimited domains and more flexibility in your hands. Regular price is $6.36 per month, use the coupon and discount price is $5.96 only.
  3. Business plan is suggested for e-commerce website. The price starts from $10.36 per month and come with toll-free number, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Use coupon and get this at $9.71 only.

At the time being, Hostgator.com offers three main hosting plans for business owners: the hatchling plan, the baby plan and ultimately, the business plan. As the name suggests, the hatchling plan is the most basic one and it features only the minimal services, at a highly affordable price by opting for this hosting plan, not only will you benefit from a 20% discount, but you will also get a single domain along with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth as well as a shared SSL certificate for only $3.96 a month.

Hostgator review on feature specification.

On the other hand, the Baby plan comes with the same benefits but instead of a single domain you will benefit from unlimited domains, at only $6.36 month, while the Business plan is the ultimate hosting plan that in addition to the benefits and features of the baby plan, also includes a free toll number and a free private SSL and IP. Most of the customers start with the hatchling plan and they gradually work their way up to the business plan as their business grows, and one of the benefits of doing so is that they allow their customers to easily upgrade from the basic plan to the premier plan completely free of charge. Other general features are including cPanel control panel with 1-click apps installer, free 4500 website templates for download, marketing coupons and including $100 Google Adwords.

One of the most popular methods of supporting your online business is by subscribing to the services of a web hosting company. And shared hosting is the most common choice, the system is basically a setup where the users share the same server. Much like a dorm where you share the same utilities shared hosting entails that the various users share resources such as CPU time, memory and disk space. This is a plan that is most common when it comes to web hosting schemes.

One of the biggest benefits of shared hosting is low cost. Since there is a condition to share resources, the cost is relatively lower. For businesses that are just starting up and have small internet traffic, this is one of the better options. Similarly, it is also a good option for beginners and those who have not explored the arena of websites and referencing yet.


However, as with every model of web hosting, there are certain limitations to the shared hosting scheme. These are:

  • In case of larger sites and greater traffic, there is a chance that your website will suffer from slowdown and shut downs periodically.
  • Resource sharing is an inconvenience for many as it limits efficiency.
  • Inability to change anything on the server to suit personal website needs.
  • There is also the problem of storage problems since CPU space is shared as well.

Overall, however, shared hosting seems like a good place for beginners.

Hostgator review on VPS hosting.

They also offer virtual and dedicated web hosting packages, starting at $15.96 and $139 a month, respectively. The plans offered are very flexible, and you can always consider opting for a virtual web hosting package if you feel that your website is running slow or if you expect high traffic volumes anytime soon.

For those who are seasoned and have been in the internet business for longer, it might be more practical to invest in VPS hosting services. The major advantages that VPS has over shared hosting are:

  • Since VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, this is a variation of the shared hosting model that allows for greater amount of storage and RAM space.
  • Since the CPU limits are more there is also higher control exercised over the server.
  • Overall, the VPS system is more reliable and faster than shared hosting.


However, as with the shared hosting protocol, any VPS will comes with its fair share of cons. Some of these include:

  • Almost 3 times the cost of shared hosting services due to the added features and benefits.
  • The higher storage space and control over the server can turn out to be an organizational nightmare for those who do not have a well staffed company. In case of VPS it is crucial that the IT sector of the business be well handled.

As we can see the VPS is a definitive upgrade to the shared hosting system. Especially for those who have to manage larger sites, this is most definitely an option to be seriously considered. In our final segment we look at the benefits and advantages of dedicated servers.

Hostgator review on dedicated servers.

As the name suggests, this is a system where the entire server can be used by the customer. For those who have large companies with extensive websites, this is a great option.

The greatest benefits of dedicated servers are unlimited resources and work efficiency. However, the severe drawback to this type of system is that there are chances that the website could shut down if there are security issues. Not only does the entire responsibility of running the software rest on the customer, but it also comes at a high price.

When it comes to web hosting, the ultimate plan that the customer opts for depends on his or her needs and preferences. While smaller sites could opt for shared hosting, larger sites might find it worthwhile to invest in VPS hosting. When trying out dedicated servers, however, one must be sure to incorporate stringent security measures.

dedicated servers

Hostgator review on CMS compatibility.

Besides checking their shared hosting specification, speed and uptime, we are testing this web hosting plan for various content management systems. From our reviews, we know this plan is compatible for WordPress blog, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and SMF forum etc.

Before you choose a web hosting company to do business with, it is important that you look at reviews posted by people who have been hosted by the company before. There are features you should look for to help you determine whether the company will meet your needs or not.

First you need to look at the administration and the resources that will be availed to you. One needs to look at things such as whether they will be allowed to control emails, the domain and the account. A reliable web hosting company should allow clients to view website statistics and give you space to enjoy all the advantages of operating and owning a website. You should be able to perform the following functions;

  1. Change the setting of your account.
  2. Have an account that is equipped with cPanel.
  3. Allow you to manage your email accounts.
  4. Allow you to download software when logged into your account.

The hosting company should avail a bandwidth and a disc space that is sufficient to enable you carries out all the activities you may have planned for. It should guarantee you over 99.9% uptime to the users. The company should be able to;

  • Offer data backup services.
  • Implement environmentally friendly practices.
  • Allow you to have a unique IP address for your web site.
  • The company should be able to provide unlimited number of MySQL database.

Hostgator review on customer support.

This Hostgator.com’s customer service is always professional and communication is clear and our technical issues can be clearly understood by their representative and the problem will get fixed in shortest waiting time. Over the years there are not many problem with our account, we have few experience reaching their customer support team.

These friendly customer support team are now accessible via live chat online, via phone and email as well. These are the primary channel to get to them and asking for help. And phone support is reachable at toll-free number 186696gator. In recent year, they have added in Twitter support and Facebook page too. Reaching them via these popular social networks is the newest alternative available.

  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Online ticket or email system.
  • Live chat support.
  • Social media contact.

In overall, their customer support team is attending to our request and technically capable in solving various issues. The problems are not repeating and the solution their applied are very effective. We are rating their customer service a score of 10 out of 10.

Hostgator review on unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth. 

If the company allows for unlimited amount of the domain and the sub domain, it should be appreciated. Check if the company offers the following;

  • Free domain for those who have signed up.
  • Allows you to have unlimited addon domains.
  • Unlimited number of parked domains.
  • Allows you to host unlimited sub domains.

For any online business to succeed, it must have a working email to link the business to the outside world. A web hosting company must provide superior email capabilities to website owners. The most important ones include spam and virus filter, display all emails and messages send to the website. It must also allow you to access and use advanced features such as auto response, avail a mailing list and at the same time allow you to create unlimited email addresses associated with the domain. You should be able to automatically forward the emails to any other email address of your choice. It should allow you to use web based email communication effectively.

Your website must be capable of giving your clients and customers bonuses and extras once they have signed in. Such offers may include money back guarantee, advertising credits, coupon codes, discounts and many others. These are important offers especially if you own a business website. Other features that are important for business based websites include e-commerce shopping cart tools, ability to read the customers review and preview. These and many more services may not be of use to you but they play an important role in helping to portray the quality of your website and could easily help to sway customers from other sites that do not provide them.

Ensure that the company of your choice provide for additional software such as web design, antivirus software, free toll free phone number, Google Adwords free credit and many others.

Hostgator review on benefits and advantages.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is certainly the most important advantage associated with using their service in the long run, but in addition to this, the company also takes great pride in being a certified environmentally friendly business, as its operation is powered by wind energy. The company is committed to protecting the surrounding environment and to minimizing its yearly carbon footprint, and this is undoubtedly a very important benefit for environmentally-conscious people.

The business hosting plans offered by them are also very affordable, intuitive and feature rich. The Business plan, for instance, is specifically designed to accommodate the business needs of small, medium sized as well as large enterprises, as prices for all pockets. Besides the affordable tag, these plans also come with additional bonuses such as free call time, dedicated IP, free private SSL and a wealth of other features that certainly come in handy for every business owner.

Last, but not least, they have managed to make a name for itself as one of the most open and transparent hosting providers on the Internet; the company is very straightforward and there are no hidden terms and conditions whatsoever. Besides this, will be constantly updated regarding the status of your hosting account.

Hostgator review on disadvantages and downsides.

There is only one downside that many customers have mentioned, and that is the slow customer support. The live chat feature is certainly one of the best ones for those who need professional, real time technical support, but many have complained about the long waiting times both on the phone and for the live chat request. Even so, the benefits and features are certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

Overall, they are constantly trying to improve its products and services in order to be one step ahead of its competition. They are committed to helping business owners and webmasters take their website to the next level by offering high quality, professional and reliable web hosting services, they ranked as one of the most trustworthy providers in its niche.

Hostgator review on user rating.

Their customer service is the best. For the pass few years, we know their products are great and come with excellent after sales service too. Their technical support teams are reliable and available 24/7. We have been using their hosting service since year 2007 and we have been reaching their customer support team before. What we know about them is they are responsive, professional, and expert in their field. Whenever our website failed to load or showing server error, we forward the issue and it will get resolved in very short time frame. The communication channel is clear and our problem is forwarded to the correct department and person for quick fix. This is what we always hope for, and we really getting this at here.

Our user rating is surely above 9.9 out of 10. Surely this is the biggest website hosting company and offering good combination of various hosting products. They have web hosting plans in many scales and any webmaster can come here and find a suitable hosting solution for all their websites. They have three types of shared hosting service that works well for most type of websites and then they have VPS and dedicated hosting that are more powerful. We are rewarding very good scores for their hosting features and specs. However, we think their pricing is rather expensive and we wish to see a slightly cheaper price which will make them even better. Same like many other web hosting companies we are reviewing, they are having their advantages and disadvantages. Some are really worth rewarding an extra score and some are really need some improvement. Following is our ratings given to them after many years of experience using their web hosting services.


Hostgator user reviews and testimonials.

This is one of the top web hosting company and for this we are expecting a lot of feedback from their customers. They serve million of customers and also mean a wide variety of customer feedback in return. From time-to-time, we do received customer reply and they write to us about their testimonial and experience. Following are some of the user reviews we have received: more

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Common questions asked to your web host before signing up

One needs to be very careful while choosing a new web host. If web owners sign up a bad web hosting company, they might have to regret about it in the later stage. Poor service, lost files and poor downtime will have a negative impact on the web owners’ business. This relation between a web host and web owner is suppose to be a long term relationship. Thus, you should ask certain questions to know whether the web hosting company can provide you the services which you are looking for.

  1. Can they provide you hardware and software facility as per your requirement?

Ask them whether they can provide you what you need for your kind of website. Know whether you need windows applications, any special version of the software or PHP, any special software, etc. and ask your web host if they can provide all those facilities.

For the starters, it is suggested to opt for shared hosting as it is cheap and easy to maintain. Once your site starts growing bigger you can easily switch to dedicated hosting or VPS.

  1. What is their server uptime score?

Make sure your web host provides an around the clock service. Your web host should be operating on a powerful server and stable network connection. Ideally the server uptime score should be 99.5% or above. However, if the uptime score goes below 99%, do not opt that web host. You can track on your web host by using server monitor tools. You can easily find a number of server monitor tools which are free on trial.

  1. How much bandwidth you can use and its charges?

Many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth. But, in reality unlimited bandwidth is limited. Often this unlimited offers are limited by several limitations and house rules. For example, BlueHost, Hostmonster will start to throttle your account CPU usage after you reach the house’s limit and once you exceed a certain number of inodes, Hostgator will shut you down.

If, however, your host specifies your limit of bandwidth, you will need to understand what will be the extra charge for exceeding that limit. Ask if the server will let you know once you are getting closer to the bandwidth limit or if you can keep a track by yourself.

  1. Does it provide e-commerce and shopping cart features?

Ask the web host whether they can provide you e-commerce feature which will help you to do business transactions on your website. They should be able to help you to configure an existing domain name or if required, whether you can buy a new domain. Backups should also be provided to make sure the e-commerce website and its data are always safe. Ask if your host is using any specific shopping cart software. Choose a web host which has sufficient e-commerce features support. It should be able to provide SSL certification, dedicated IP, one click shopping cart installation and other essential features that you will require.

  1. Will they provide firewalls to protect your site from being hacked?

In order to avoid the unnecessary visitors in the back-end network of your website, your web host should provide security options. Firewalls are the number one method for keeping your website safe from hackers, disgruntled developers and unwanted visitors. They should be able to make sure that your website is as safe as possible.

  1. What are the costs for it?

Discuss the charges for account set up, website migration, account cancellation before the specified time, etc. Make sure there are no hidden fees before signing up the web host. Signing up charges are usually quite cheap, but, the renewal prices are much higher. So, check the TOS and see if you are okay with the renewal prices before signing up. You can check this easily by checking the hosting companies TOS by yourself. You are most likely to find their TOS link at the bottom of the home page or the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+F. There you can search for the keywords “renewal” or “renew”.

Know if they have a money back guarantee. In case you are unhappy with your experience with the host, they should offer you to refund the hosting fees, so that, you can move somewhere else.

If your company is unable to answer all the above questions, you might have to do a little bit of research by yourself. Try to reach out to their sales and customer service departments. If they are not willing to answer your queries, then it is advisable to opt for some other web host.

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Valuable tips to help you manage your online marketing budget

A marketing plan entails a detailed roadmap that assists you outline all your marketing strategies, budget, tactics and the expected results in a specified period. The plan is particularly important in helping your business focus on specific goals, and this should be accomplished within a certain budgetary range. This post will help you understand how to manage your online marketing campaign budget by outlining three key tips towards the same. However, we start by looking at some of the most effective tactics that will help propel your marketing pursuits.

Proven ways of running a successful low-cost online marketing campaign.

Let’s admit it, the finest marketing is highly unlikely to be free, but again this does not mean that it should break your bank. Here are some of the best ways to market your business freely or at a nominal cost.

  1. Making use of freely available or low-cost marketing tools.

Today, a wide array of effective marketing services and tools such as Facebook’s business pages, Yelp, and even Google’s MyBusiness section will hardly cost your business anything. All you need is to have your contact information in place, several high-quality pictures and any other vital information that your potential customers might be looking for. You will, however, need to come up with a creative strategy that ensures that you pull out of the stiff competition this avenue poses.

  1. Give away freebies.

This tactic is especially important when you’re seeking to increase your social media presence. Giveaways or discounts have been found to help multiply the number of Facebook pages’ likes and other forms of followings in other related social platforms. Your focus will be to reward customers for their engagement and as a result helping your statuses or posts trend naturally. This will be significant in increasing your visibility across the respective platforms.

  1. Guest blogging.

This has been proved as one of the best online marketing techniques. You will be required to find other related albeit more authoritative blogs in your niche and pitch guest blogs to them. If your proposal is accepted, this is a chance to get your name further out by attempting to catch the attention of the readers of the respective blog. This will certainly not destroy your business’s budget.

Tips for managing your online marketing budget:

  1. Ensure to strike a balance.

Budget planning calls for making a few tradeoffs and balances in order to meet the objectives and goals of any marketing campaign. For example, your business may be eyeing to pursue some exciting new opportunities, but again, remember this might mean taking away from some of the proven and real channels. Again, if your budget focusses too much on the awareness campaign, you may end up having a shortage in your funnel. The inverse is true as well- spending too much time and money on production while neglecting the awareness campaign. Strikinga a balance will help you understand how to best make your budget allocations. This may entail making the necessary distributions to various channels such as paid advertising, external factors and research (consumer trends, interests) and assets among others.

  1. Ensure that your content is appealing.

We’ve all heard it, content is king, and now the queen and castle as well. This is a fundamental part of any online marketing campaign and thus worth considered while formulating your business’s budget. You will need to ask yourself a few questions regarding the kind of content you plan to provide to your customers;

  • Is the content relevant to them?
  • Does it solve their problems?
  • Is it readily available in the business?

By seeking answers to these questions, you will understand whether you can craft that on your own or seek services of professionals who can help come up with more persuasive and coherent content that attracts customers. This takes us to the next point.

  1. Is it time to outsource?

If you are a beginner, doing most of the online marketing yourself will make more economic sense. However, as the business expands, outsourcing some of these responsibilities will mean more opportunities for growth since you will have time to focus on other important areas of your business. However, remember that proper planning and budgeting for this jump will come in very handy if the business is to achieve any success out of it.


Budgeting is one of the crucial components of a marketing plan for any business. By weighing your business’s existing marketing budget against the results it has produced, it is easy to tell whether you will need to increase or decrease the allocation in your subsequent campaigns. Following the tips while also going for the low-cost marketing tactics as outlined above will definitely help save on your business running costs.

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Advantages of unlimited web hosting

The internet has brought the world closer and definitely it is an advantage not only for the business and commercial purposes but also it has been great help in education, research, developments, cultural and in social activities. But when it concerns with business, every businessman needs to take the advantage of the unlimited web services for enhancing the business prospects. It is part of the everyday activity for running and expanding the business using the effective web services.

The unlimited web hosting services not only offers the advanced services to the business but it also helps the business to reach to a higher level by expanding the services in the global market. The business done with the support of professional web services will always keep earning profit by extending the business without many worries.

There are many companies offering web hosting services in the market today with professional approach and using advanced technology.

  1. Web hosting plan that changes according to the business requirements.

Most of the unlimited web hosting service providers offers various different plans depending on the customer needs and requirements. But the best plan can be the one which is more flexible and highly versatile in offering its services. As the business requirements keep changing as the business grows but it should not force the businessman to keep changing the web hosting plan every now and then. The web hosting plan can be easily alterable and can allow making customize on the special requests from the customers. A web hosting plan is much preferred by the customers if it’s flexible enough to accept the changes without any delay.

  1. All-in-one web hosting package.

The unlimited web hosting services include the domain registration, maintenance of the web sites, unlimited disk-space, bandwidth, database features; customize mail options, FTP services. Also the web hosting services should allow the advanced features such as content management, photo sharing, e-commerce options along with the latest blogging software. The unlimited hosting plan should offer the benefits of cost effective services with lot many money saving options. The reasonable cost with discounted offers with the best of services for maintenance and improvement of the website is called as all-in-one package. It not only saves time while asking for the changes in the plan but also saves money for getting multiple services under one umbrella.

  1. No extra cost for additional websites.

Most of the web hosting services has now offering better options which can be used only on the requirement of the business. The disk-space utility and the bandwidth extension are most common but optional requirements which can be used only by depending on the business prospects. The web hosting services can make changes free of cost whenever required and can charge only for utilities and not for the services. Also the web hosting services does not charge on number of websites hosted by the company or the individual. The web hosting plan itself defines the details of number of websites allowed by charging specific amount at the time of registration which is very economic to work with.

  1. Better services for the best uptime.

When the website is uploaded on the server and in use for the online business operations then it is the unlimited web hosting services which keeps the website active 24/7 for whole year. The maintenance services, the timely alterations and the much needed attention will be offered to the website by the web professionals and makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the technology offered and the overall safeguarding of the website. The uptime of the website is important for the business to get contacts and to earn profit.

  1. Highly competent web hosts required.

When an individual decides to have the unlimited web hosting services for his company, it is essential to find the best quality services and the professional approach. The most competent service provider is needed, who can offer the best of services along with advanced options at a reasonable cost. The web hosting services are the part of entire hosting procedure where every single service offered is equally important and it can help the online business going stronger. Only the top unlimited web hosting companies can be capable of offering and handling the multiple services and can satisfy the customers.

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5 proven ways to increase website traffic with Pinterest

Let’s admit it, when you publish that amazing blog post for your readers, your anticipation is that it drives enough traffic for a worthy return on investment (ROI). However, do you know that it is the promotion of these posts that matters the most? Well, this is where the power of social media and other related platforms comes in to help you expose your blog to the world. Pinterest, one of the rapidly growing social networking site, has one of the biggest potentials of serving this role. According to various researches, the network has recorded more generated traffic to blogs than Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Reddit combined.

So, how do you leverage on this reputation to your advantage? Here are five feasible methods to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

  1. Optimize your images.

Everything about Pinterest circles around visuals. Offering great pictures will mean persuading potential visitors to click through to your blog post. As a result, clicking through translates to traffic in Pinterest, which is one of the prospective ways of driving your sales. It is for this reason that images are regarded to be of most importance when it comes to this networking site. You may need to follow some of these proven guidelines when optimizing your images;

  • Always include a watermark on your images
  • Go for the dominant visual colors
  • Avoid using real faces
  • Aim for tall than wide images, preferably with a ratio of 2:3
  1. Have the link to your site in the Pin as well as its description.

You will note that Pinterest provides you with an awesome feature that allows you relay your images back to your website. To take advantage of this function, you need to edit the Pin and modify its source. The site also gives you an option to revise the source of all Pins that you’ve uploaded. The essence behind this is that all image clicks redirects the visitors to your site thereby increasing your blog traffic.

  1. Engage with your followers.

Becoming a good marketer entails constant engagements with your would-be customers, and this is not different on Pinterest as well. You will need to keep in touch with your pinners if you expect to turn them into your blog visitors and readers. Some of the best ways of engaging your followers include;

  • Pin consistently to increase the exposure of your Pins in your followers’ feeds.
  • Following your followers back as a show of returned favor.
  • Ask some of the questions answered on your site.
  • RePin the industry leaders and other powerful content that may interest your followers.
  1. Add a “Pin it” button on your blog.

A “Pin it” button allows your readers to share your blog articles, which can then be read and shared by their friends and followers altogether. This makes it more of a word of mouth marketing strategy for your blog that is certainly a powerful tool to drive traffic to your site.

  1. Participate in popular group boards.

Contributing to popular group boards that already have a loyal following can be a terrific source of Pinterest traffic. You need to look around and identify the most popular group boards, request the owners to invite you and be an active member there. Your intentions will be to provide meaningful contributions which will in turn attract other followers to you. You can then share articles from both your site and others to help attract clicks and ultimately generate more traffic.

Who should join Pinterest?

I’m sure this is a question you are asking yourself at this point. So, who exactly should join this awesome site?

  1. According to various statistical analysis, about 80 percent of Pinterest’s users are women while over 90 percent of the Pins are created by women. This means that this social network will be a perfect fit for anyone targeting to reach women.
  2. If your products are also visually appealing, then this site will be an ideal point to camp.
  3. Other prime beneficiaries of this network are those in the cooking, fashion, wedding and crafting businesses.

Pros and cons of Pinterest


  1. Easy to use – you will find the site pretty easy to use and navigate. This includes an easy addition of files and in sharing your Pins.
  2. Ideal for SEO – each post builds a link that acts as an inbound link to your website. These links are valuable in raising your search engine rankings.


  1. Copyright concerns – some bloggers get concerned when other users Pin or rePin visuals owned by others primarily due to copyright issues.
  2. A large number of women users – this can be a disadvantage to businesses selling products that interest men.
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