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This Hostgator review site is hosted with Hostgator.com. We own a Baby shared service account and this is our self owned account. We have full access anywhere and this is where we revealed their secret and figure out what makes them so successful today. We’re their customers and everything we learned are exposed in this web hosting review site. There should be no hidden facts and no fake reviews either. When you choose to signup, remember to use the Hostgator coupons from here and get the biggest discount with up to 25% & 30% saving.

Hostgator 2015

Introduction to Hostgator web hosting. With more than 9 million domains hosted all over the world, Hostgator stands out from other service providers as one of the world’s most sought after web hosting companies. The company has been operating for more than 13 years, since it was founded back in 2002 and it is committed to providing an impeccable uptime guarantee of 99.9%, provided with an easy, 1-click installation. The Hostgator dedicated servers rise to the highest standards of quality set in the hosting industry, and what makes this hosting company so special is the wealth of tailored professional and personal hosting services designed to accommodate the needs of each customer.

Hostgator shared hosting service is one of the best. This is possible the largest cPanel Internet hosting company and their shared hosting services are awesome. Their price is affordable and with the help of discount coupon codes, we can get these plans with another saving. Anyone who looks for website hosting plan would be attracted to this deal.

  1. Hatchling plan is priced at $3.95 per month and recommended for personal website hosting. It allows single domain hosting only and user are not allowed to add more. Use coupon and the discount price is $3.71 only.
  2. Baby plan is the most preferred and suitable for 90% of webmaster needs. This advanced plan allows unlimited domains and more flexibility in your hands. Regular price is $6.36 per month, use the coupon and discount price is $5.96 only.
  3. Business plan is suggested for Ecommerce website. The price starts from $10.36 per month and come with toll-free number, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Use coupon and get this at $9.71 only.

At the time being, Hostgator offers three main hosting plans for business owners: the Hatchling plan, the Baby plan and ultimately, the Business plan. As the name suggests, the Hatchling plan is the most basic one and it features only the minimal services, at a highly affordable price by opting for this hosting plan, not only will you benefit from a 20% discount, but you will also get a single domain along with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth as well as a shared SSL certificate for only $3.96/month.

On the other hand, the Baby Plan comes with the same benefits but instead of a single domain you will benefit from unlimited domains, at only $6.36/month, while the Business plan is the ultimate hosting plan that in addition to the benefits and features of the Baby Plan, also includes a free toll number and a free private SSL & IP. Most of the customers start with the Hatchling plan and they gradually work their way up to the Business plan as their business grows, and one of the benefits of doing so is that Hostgator allows its customers to easily upgrade from the basic plan to the premier plan completely free of charge. Other general features are including cPanel control panel with 1-click apps installer, free 4500 website templates for download, marketing coupons and including $100 Google Adwords.

One of the most popular methods of supporting your online business is by subscribing to the services of a web hosting company. Any Hostgator review speaks of the many benefits of shared hosting. The system is basically a setup where the users share the same server. Much like a dorm where you share the same utilities shared hosting entails that the various users share resources such as CPU time, memory and disk space. This is a plan that is most common when it comes to web hosting schemes.

One of the biggest benefits of shared hosting is low cost. Since there is a condition to share resources, the cost is relatively lower. For businesses that are just starting up and have small internet traffic, this is one of the better options. Similarly, it is also a good option for beginners and those who have not explored the arena of websites and referencing yet.

Hostgator shared hosting 2015

However, as with every model of web hosting, there are certain limitations to the shared hosting scheme. These are:

  • In case of larger sites and greater traffic, there is a chance that your website will suffer from slowdown and shut downs periodically
  • Resource sharing is an inconvenience for many as it limits efficiency
  • Inability to change anything on the server to suit personal websites’ needs
  • There is also the problem of storage problems since CPU space is shared as well

Overall, however, shared hosting seems like a good place for beginners.

Hostgator VPS hosting and private servers are affordable. Hostgator also offers virtual and dedicated web hosting packages, starting at $15.96/month and $139/month, respectively. The hosting plans offered by Hostgator are very flexible, and you can always consider opting for a virtual web hosting package if you feel that your website is running slow or if you expect high traffic volumes anytime soon.

For those who are seasoned and have been in the internet business for longer, it might be more practical to invest in VPS Hosting services. The major advantages that VPS has over shared hosting are:

  • Since VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, this is a variation of the shared hosting model that allows for greater amount of storage and RAM space.
  • Since the CPU limits are more there is also higher control exercised over the server.
  • Overall, the VPS Hosting system is more reliable and faster than Shared Hosting.

Hostgator VPS hosting 2015

However, as with the shared hosting protocol, any Hostgator review will reveal that VPS comes with its fair share of cons. Some of these include:

  • Almost 3 times the cost of shared hosting services due to the added features and benefits
  • The higher storage space and control over the server can turn out to be an organizational nightmare for those who do not have a well staffed company. In case of VPS it is crucial that the IT sector of the business be well handled.

As we can see the VPS is a definitive upgrade to the Shared Hosting system. Especially for those who have to manage larger sites, this is most definitely an option to be seriously considered. In our final segment we look at the benefits and advantages of dedicated servers.

As the name suggests, this is a system where the entire server can be used by the customer. For those who have large companies with extensive websites, this is a great option.

The greatest benefits of dedicated servers are unlimited resources and work efficiency. However, the severe drawback to this type of system is that there are chances that the website could shut down if there are security issues. Not only does the entire responsibility of running the software rest on the customer, but it also comes at a high price.

When it comes to web hosting, the ultimate plan that the customer opts for depends on his/her needs and preferences. While smaller sites could opt for shared hosting, larger sites might find it worthwhile to invest in VPS hosting. When trying out dedicated servers, however, one must be sure to incorporate stringent security measures.

Hostgator dedicated servers 2015

Hostgator CMS sites compatibility are tested. Besides checking their shared hosting specification, speed and uptime, we are testing this web hosting plan for various content management systems. From our Host Gator review, we know this plan is compatible for WordPress blog, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and SMF forum etc.

Before you choose a web hosting company to do business with, it is important that you look at reviews posted by people who have been hosted by the company before. There are features you should look for to help you determine whether the company will meet your needs or not.

First you need to look at the administration and the resources that will be availed to you. One needs to look at things such as whether they will be allowed to control emails, the domain and the account. A reliable web hosting company should allow clients to view website statistics and give you space to enjoy all the advantages of operating and owning a website. You should be able to perform the following functions;

  1. Change the setting of your account.
  2. Have an account that is equipped with cPanel.
  3. Allow you to manage your email accounts.
  4. Allow you to download software when logged into your account.

The hosting company should avail a bandwidth and a disc space that is sufficient to enable you carries out all the activities you may have planned for. It should guarantee you over 99.9% uptime to the users. The company should be able to;

  • Offer data backup services.
  • Implement environmentally friendly practices.
  • Allow you to have a unique IP address for your web site.
  • The company should be able to provide unlimited number of MySQL database.

Hostgator customer support are rated. Contacts are important and determine whether you will succeed and move your business to another level or not. For this reason, your web hosting company must offer a platform where you can have a live chat, phone calls, social media services and email functionalities. If the company allows you to offer customer support, it can be a good idea to consider it. The support may include;

  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Offer a ticket or email system.
  • Live chat support.
  • Social media contact.

Hostgator unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth. If the company allows for unlimited amount of the domain and the sub domain, it should be appreciated. Check if the company offers the following;

  • Free domain for those who have signed up.
  • Allows you to have unlimited addon domains.
  • Unlimited number of parked domains.
  • Allows you to host unlimited sub domains.

For any online business to succeed, it must have a working email to link the business to the outside world. A web hosting company must provide superior email capabilities to website owners. The most important ones include spam and virus filter, display all emails and messages send to the website. It must also allow you to access and use advanced features such as auto response, avail a mailing list and at the same time allow you to create unlimited email addresses associated with the domain. You should be able to automatically forward the emails to any other email address of your choice. It should allow you to use web based email communication effectively.

Your website must be capable of giving your clients and customers bonuses and extras once they have signed in. Such offers may include money back guarantee, advertising credits, coupon codes, discounts and many others. These are important offers especially if you own a business website. Other features that are important for business based websites include Ecommerce shopping cart tools, ability to read the customers review and preview. These and many more services may not be of use to you but they play an important role in helping to portray the quality of your website and could easily help to sway customers from other sites that do not provide them.

Ensure that the company of your choice provide for additional software such as web design, antivirus software, free toll free phone number, Google Adwords free credit and many others.

Hostgator benefits and advantages are obvious. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is certainly the most important advantage associated with using the Hostgator in the long run, but in addition to this, the company also takes great pride in being a certified environmentally friendly business, as its operation is powered by wind energy. The company is committed to protecting the surrounding environment and to minimizing its yearly carbon footprint, and this is undoubtedly a very important benefit for environmentally-conscious people.

The business hosting plans offered by Hostgator are also very affordable, intuitive and feature rich. The Business plan, for instance, is specifically designed to accommodate the business needs of small, medium sized as well as large enterprises, as prices for all pockets. Besides the affordable tag, these plans also come with additional bonuses such as free call time, dedicated IP, free private SSL and a wealth of other features that certainly come in handy for every business owner.

Last, but not least, Hostgator has managed to make a name for itself as one of the most open and transparent hosting providers on the Internet; the company is very straightforward and there are no hidden terms and conditions whatsoever. Besides this, will be constantly updated regarding the status of your hosting account.

Hostgator disadvantages and downsides. There is only one downside that many customers have mentioned when it comes to the Hostgator web hosting provider, and that is the slow customer support. The Live Chat feature is certainly one of the best ones for those who need professional, real time technical support, but many have complained about the long waiting times both on the phone and for the live chat request. Even so, the benefits and features of Hostgator certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

Overall, Hostgator is constantly trying to improve its products and services in order to be one step ahead of its competition. They are committed to helping business owners and webmasters take their website to the next level by offering high quality, professional and reliable web hosting services, Hostgator ranks as one of the most trustworthy providers in its niche.

Hostgator rating since 2007. Hostgator customer service is the best. For the pass few years, we know their products are great and come with excellent after sales service too. Their technical support teams are reliable and available 24/7. We have been using their hosting service since year 2007 and we have been reaching their customer support team before. What we know about them is they are responsive, professional, and expert in their field. Whenever our website failed to load or showing server error, we forward the issue and it will get resolved in very short time frame. The communication channel is clear and our problem is forwarded to the correct department and person for quick fix. This is what we always hope for, and we really getting this at here.

This Hostgator customer service is always professional and communication is clear and our technical issues can be clearly understood by their representative and the problem will get fixed in shortest waiting time. Over the years there are not many problem with our account, we have few experience reaching their customer support team.

These friendly customer support team are now accessible via live chat online, via phone and email as well. These are the primary channel to get to them and asking for help. And phone support is reachable at toll-free number 186696gator. In recent year, they have added in Twitter support and Facebook page too. Reaching them via these popular social networks is the newest alternative available.

In overall, their customer support team is attending to our request and technically capable in solving various issues. The problems are not repeating and the solution their applied are very effective. We are rating their customer service a score of 10/10.

Our Hostgator rating is surely above 9.9 out of 10. Surely this Hostgator.com is the biggest website hosting company and offering good combination of various hosting products. They have web hosting plans in many scales and any webmaster can come here and find a suitable hosting solution for all their websites. They have three types of shared hosting service that works well for most type of websites and then they have VPS and dedicated hosting that are more powerful. We are rewarding very good scores for their hosting features and specs. However, we think their pricing is rather expensive and we wish to see a slightly cheaper price which will make them even better. Same like many other web hosting companies we are reviewing, this Hostgator is having their advantages and disadvantages. Some are really worth rewarding an extra score and some are really need some improvement. Following is our ratings given to them after many years of experience using their web hosting services.

Visit our Hostgator review homepage and test out their Baby shared hosting plan your self.

Hostgator rating and votes

Hostgator user rating and feedback. This Hostgator is one of the top web hosting company and for this we are expecting a lot of feedback from their customers. They serve million of customers and also mean a wide variety of customer feedback in return. From time-to-time, we do received customer reply and they write to us about their testimonial and experience. Following are some of the Hostgator reviews we have received: more

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Hostgator VPS web hosting reviews 2015

This VPS web hosting lies between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The aim of VPS hosting is to provide you a customized platform to satiate your needs. As usual you start as a small entity and then you grow up to big. The web hosting plan helps you upgrade your system at the time of your need. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can also achieve that without involving any hassle. The platform supports all the updated and upgraded present day software. For easy administration of the server cPanel has been integrated with the web hosting packages.

Every new web hosting plan costs you 20 percent less. Their VPS hosting plans are of various types ranging from snappy 500 to snappy 8000. The plans vary on the basis of cores. While snappy 500 has 0.5 core, snappy 8000 has 4 cores.

  1. Snappy 500 plan.
    The price range of snappy 500 is between $19.95 and $239.40. The initial price is a monthly plan and the final price is for a yearly plan.
  2. Snappy 1000 plan.
    Snappy 1000 vary between $39.95 and $479.90 basing on a monthly to yearly plan.
  3. Snappy 2000 plan.
    Snappy 2000 have a monthly price of $79.95 and a yearly price of $959.40.
  4. Snappy 4000 plan.
    Snappy 4000 have an initial price of $119.95 for a month and final price of $1439.40 for a year.
  5. Snappy 8000 plan.
    The startup price of snappy 8000 is $149.95 and the final price of this package is $1799.40.

Hostgator VPS hosting plans

This is the third year we saw their virtual server plans and we have seen it grows from most basic to even more advance right now. For this year, here are the few things to know about:

  1. Adaptable and simple way of using software.
    In the software list you can get CentOS Linux. It is fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. They provide full root access of this software. You can get two control panels with different packages. You can either use cPanel or WHM control panel. Usage tutorial is provided with the packages. The web hosting packages come with Apache web server that is compatible with PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Python, Perl and many more. The hosting packages are fully secured with a firewall named IP tables. It is free with the packages. You can further manage your VPS with the help of a power control panel named Virtuozzo. The platform allows you unlimited liberty to customize your portal. Ksplice Uptrack constantly updates you about the kernel.
  2. Plenty of free tools come with the packages that are automatically managed.
    The packages include many website managing and building tools such as SiteStudio and site builder for free. You can avail around 4500 web templates for free with the packages. The packages provide you around 52 scripts for free. Script, website, MySQL and domain transfer are free with the hosting packages.
  3. Fully efficient server hardware provides you optimum speed.
    Hostgator makes use of supermicro servers for server operation and maintenance that are equipped with AMD Opteron CPUS of 6000 series and DDR3 ECC RAM. All the hardware systems are fully customized by AMD. For maintaining fault the server makes use of RAID-10 disk array.
  4. Fully operational network with no failure.
    They provide Gigabit uplink. You can get a connection of 20 MB. It makes use of redundant network that works flawlessly. Each layer of the network is fully secured with multiple security threads. You can get various bandwidth providers at here.
  5. They provide you support when you need it.
    VPS hosting is fully managed with the use of cPanel. In every week the site automatically keeps back up of data. The server is monitored 24*7. You can ask for support through telephone, live chat and email.

With more than 12000 servers and a minimum hosting price of $14.99 puts Hostgator.com on top among the users. The customization option of VPS has kept aside making it the exceptional one in the web hosting arena. Based on Linux the web hosting is blended with 9 levels that determine the memory space, CPU and many other features. Most of the users recommended using from level 3 as the initial two levels don’t come with cPanel and hence it is difficult to manage your server with level 1 and level 2. They take care of the entire supporting job for the first year of the service. Post the first year, they will provide your support as per your request. As per customers’ review it takes 1.5 seconds to 2.21 seconds to fully access a page hosted.

When is time for Hostgator VPS hosting upgrade?

We saw they start introducing VPS web hosting plans a few years back and this year they are updating the available packages and make it even better than before. We are not seeing bigger packages at much cheaper price. Previously there are 9 plans available and now there are only 5 available. The most basic Snappy 500 plan is semi-managed VPS and not recommended for all beginners, please choose the Snappy 1000 instead. This Hostgator VPS plan start from $19.95 per month and first month is available with 50% half price discount.

Why people are moving to Hostgator VPS web hosting?

Selecting the most powerful virtual private server (VPS) web hosting or budget dedicated server is significant, particularly when you’re starting out. Price is always an issue if you are not producing any sales, and it can deter many companies from making the best choices. There are exceptional conditions for each kind of hosting out there that can make it the correct or the wrong selection for the needs of your online business. First, begin by taking inventory of where you’re as a company, how long you plan on taking to get there, and where you expect to be. How to choose VPS web hosting plans? Read on to learn.

Most VPS hosting is allowed for businesses that have graduated from the start-up stage. If you’re beginning to see actual results with your advertising efforts and you’re bringing in the traffic and the sales, then protected from the risks in addition to you may need to ensure you’re sufficiently prepared for the load. A VPS runs from one server broken up into numerous chambers that “act” like they’re dedicated. To put it differently, you’re sharing the fiscal responsibility with others, but your websites don’t socialize. They may be partitioned off. So, you’re better protected against malware and viruses. But the bigger you grow, the more limits your VPS will have for your company.

You have still got big plans ahead, and if your website is having trouble handling all the traffic, then you definitely might want to consider updating to a budget. These enable more autonomy while not totally cutting you loose from technical support. Then you may need to consider this alternative as the numbers do not lie if your growth strategies are competitive, and you are assured that your traffic will continue to improve to a stage of critical mass for the VPS.

Here’s where you’ve got to be cautious. There are many hosting companies out there offering budget or a VPS but they keep severe limits on the number of ‘electricity’ you could really use. Rather than being restricted, it is better to work with an industry expert that can promise you will never be penalized for the popularity of your website.

Deciding on budget or a VPS is as difficult as believing all the sales pitch. Do your research to find the best value, and take nothing less than the best.

There are many matters to consider before you buy a hosting package. Two things to consider are flexibility and cost. As your web site starts to grow with visitors will your hosting package have the ability to grow with you too? There’s no doubt a lot of people favor shared hosting for the simplicity of it and cost over the other hosting services. Nevertheless, VPS hosting is crucial if you plan on having an internet presence.

The primary reason is the flexibility you get with this kind of hosting although there are many reasons why individuals would decide to go with VPS hosting. If you’re looking to have complete root access, this kind of hosting can be really powerful. Below are some of the characteristics and reasons why folks enjoy VPS web hosting.

  1. You get full root access.
  2. It Is quite affordable.
  3. You can decide to use Linux or Windows.
  4. You can install almost anything.
  5. Vital firewall characteristics.

Hostgator VPS hosting feature list

With a Virtual Private Server you have flexibility and total control of the web applications which you select to use. Another popular reason many choose this kind of hosting is that it is considerably more safe and reliable than shared hosting. By using VPS you can select which operating system you’d like to use Linux OS or Windows OS. The popular choice is Linux OS because of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that it uses.

For someone without knowledge of a web server works, a VPS can be an arduous job to keep. The solution to this issue is a control panel that is good. This kind of applications will simplify server management, and supply access to powerful features that can be used to bring out the best in your endeavors that are online. There are several control panels offering the same abilities, so it’s better to concentrate on the details needed to streamline your management procedures.

Locating a great web hosting company can be challenging when you just have fundamental necessities. It gets even more difficult when more complex demands come into play. It’s still a large step up from the shared hosting environment and therefore calls for you to take quite a few critical variables into account, all which can have a tremendous impact in some sort or another, although VPS web hosting is a manageable option in the right hands. Prior to making the final decision on who’ll supply what, take outside some time to consider your choices and carefully assess your needs.

Hostgator VPS hosting reviews and verdicts 2014

This year Hostgator totally overhaul their virtual private server plans and now revised their packages and introducing an all new VPS. For the pass four years, we have seen their nine VPS plans are gaining huge popularity and there are lots of new customers migrating to this plan. However, there are nine plans to choose from and that is something confusing and hard to recommend for beginner that look for easier solution and quick answer. For this and in order to simplify their services and try to make it easier for all customers, this Hostgator VPS plans are now available in 5 plans only.

Hostgator VPS plan SNAPPY 500, is the most basic virtual server hosting and this is unmanaged plan. There is no control panel given and technical support is very limited too. This is a strip down server and only come with what you need to host a website. Other premium features are taken out and not included in here.

Specification: 0.5 CPU core, 512 MB RAM, 25 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth.

Price: First month $9.96, and renew at $19.95 each month.

Our verdict: This plan is for techie that knows how to access UNIX and perform command manually. We do not prefer this plan and this is not suitable for everyone. There is cost to save and some shouldn’t be saving at all. When running a VPS, we want to access control panel and perform additional configuration and even access the server statistic too. All these features are not available in here as there is no control panel given at all.

Hostgator Snappy 500 plan

Hostgator VPS SNAPPY 1000, this is the more recommended VPS plans and suitable for 99% of users. This plan come with cPanel control panel and fully managed by experience Hostgator support team. It includes weekly site backup and server monitoring service for free.

Specification: 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth.

Price: First month $24.98, and renew at $49.95 each month.

Our verdicts: This second VPS plan cost $30 dollars more and it comes with double the RAM, storage and bandwidth. With 1 GB memory in hand, we can host a large scale website in here without much difficulty. We recommend this plan for any website with less than 100,000 visits per month.

Hostgator Snappy 1000 plan

Besides the above two, there are three other Hostgator VPS hosting plans available. Price can increase significantly and up to $159.95 per month. This is very near to dedicated server pricing and in which should be considered, see our Hostgator dedicated server review here for further details.

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Hostgator dedicated server reviews for 2014 & 2015

Hostgator dedicated server introduction

This is one of the largest web hosting companies. It serves millions of clients. The company provides dedicated server hosting for various leading online businesses. This is a Linux dedicated hosting services, and they are now offering four Linux dedicated server hosting packages including:

  • Pro
  • Elite
  • Basic
  • Standard

The Pro package is available for $374 per month, $279 per month for Elite, $219 per month for Standard and $174 per month for Basic. Every package comes with a default 20% discount. New customers can enjoy a 25% discount when they get a coupon.

Hostgator dedicated server feature review

All these four packages come with some amazing features. They all come with a high performing server that has an Intel Xeon process, large RAM, bandwidth, disk space, several dedicated IPs and a variety of technologies and tools that are required to develop and maintain a site. The Basic package has a dual core processor while the other three packages offer a quad core processor. With a dedicated and basic package you get 4 GB of RAM while the Elite option offers 8 GB. The Pro package comes with 16 GB RAM.

Hostgator basic dedicated server plan

One of the main features of this dedicated server is managed service. This service is completely managed. No operating system installation is necessary. You will not have to manage server security or purchase a control panel to use this service.

Clients also get root access when they sign up for this program. This service has multiple management tools that give you comprehensive access and control to both the server and operating system.

Hostgator dedicated server control panel review

Each package has an updated cPanel control panel. This makes it possible for customers to control their servers, sites, and accounts with ease.

These packages also offer mirrored storage. This kind of storage allows you to use special drives to give you complete control to safeguard website data and account information. They also come with free of charge billing systems. The service provides WHM and WHMCS autopilot systems to suit each client’s billing needs.

Hostgator server with free billing system

What are Hostgator dedicated server advantages?

  1. It has firewall that offers additional security for hosted websites and servers.
  2. They house all dedicated servers in an advanced data center based in Texas. This center is fully equipped to ensure the serves always have power. It also has backup generators and adequate HVAC units. The company’s network is fully redundant and there is no point of failure. It also works with several bandwidth providers that include Level (3), ATT, and AboveNet to limit downtime due to network issues. This service guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  3. They have single managed service and for this reason, it has a support team that offers technical support 24/7. Customers enjoy premium support by live chat, toll-free numbers, and email. Clients also get server support at any time of the day or night. This ensures prompt assistance in case a server develops a problem. Customers can also participate in an online forum if they want to handle any issues that arise on their own. The forum allows you to interact with other customers. The company also has a support portal that features hundreds of written and video tutorials.
  4. Its cPanel is considered one of the simplest in terms of use and you do not have to posses any special technical skills or knowledge to manage it. The cPanel interface has several applications that are designed to help you save time. You will spend less time installing WordPress, adding domains and sub domains, coming up with email addresses, and managing databases with this cPanel. The cPanel also allows you to install free blog, magazine or Ecommerce template. There are several language options for those who do not understand English.
  5. Over 98% of customers who rely on this service appreciate its general support, performance, value, and control panel.

If you are in search of a dedicated server hosting service that offers great technologies, technical support, and consistency, this is the best choice. It is particularly ideal if you have an Ecommerce site that receives a lot of traffic. It provides fully managed servers and clients get complete root access. You also get dedicated hardware and there are no resource restrictions with this hosting service. The price is also reasonable particularly with the discount options that are available to clients. It comes with four package options that allow you to select a service that will meet your requirements.

Choosing cloud server or dedicated server?

Choosing the right server for your company does not have to be an odious task. A server is a computer that acts as storage for data and even applications and then provides them to the devices linked to its network. For instance, when one accesses the internet, there is a complex web of servers are involved in relaying stored data to you.

There are many types of servers when categorized in terms of functionality. A mail server will help in the management of email for security of office data while a file server will be responsible for the storage, access and security of the network files. Other servers include proxy, web and application.

However for practical distinction purposes, a server is either a cloud server or dedicated server. A cloud server is a virtual computing machine that provides data management services. It is really an offsite system found in large data centers and is managed by a third party. A dedicated server is a physical computer system purchased by a network to serve their data management needs. Companies lease or buy an entire physical server that serves only their network. The user of a dedicated server rents the internet connection and the software used from a web hosting company. It is important to note that the Internet is actually a network of servers located all around the globe with enormous amounts of data and wide range of functionalities.

Why invest in a web server?

Companies will often not know whether to rent server services and if yes, which one to choose. The basic functions of a server are to store, retrieve and share information and data within a network whether it’s a cloud server or dedicated server. It is important for every business or organization to have a server for these reasons. The server will act as backup for your files and data. This limits the chances of completely losing vital information therefore saving time, money and inefficiency in operations. A server will also protect information because access can be limited allowing only authorized personnel with a username and password to log in. It acts as a center for all data in a network. Centralized storage system allows for quick and reliable access to shared information within a network.

Cloud hosting services are usually shared services.

This means that servers are shared between the clients of the web hosting company that manages them. Cloud servers do not have the disadvantage that is posed by small traditional shared machines. In the past a shared network with another company meant inflexibility and slow traffic. Cloud hosting allows for the limits of the resources being rented to be expanded in case of increased use. In case of overestimation of the required resource such a huge amount of storage space, there is an option to scale down into a more fitting package. In fact, a good cloud service is like any other utility. You will pay for what you need and have used.

The benefits of choosing cloud servers are many.

Flexibility is high meaning that when extra resources are required, they will be provided as well as allowing remote access of data. It is also economical. One will pay for the services they are using instead of an idealized guess. They are very reliable because of the network involved. When one server is out of commission, another ‘steps in’ to continue providing the service. Finally, there is no complicated setup protocols involved.

A dedicated server is the best for securing data since it serves only one network and cannot be accessed remotely or by unauthorized persons. The server is under that network control over hosting and there is no third party data manager involved. There is also lower traffic problems involved in access of data and relay of information making it fast and efficient. The only downside is the lack of flexibility. The capacity has to be estimated. An overestimate means that it is not cost effective while underestimation means lack of necessary resources during busy periods.

Cloud server or dedicated server?

Choosing a cloud server or dedicated server will highly depend on the sensitivity of the data stored, the needs of a network and the cost effectiveness. A dedicated server will be great for ultimate security for vital data. However, cloud servers offer more in terms of economy, access and flexibility.

Searching for Hostgator cloud hosting server?

They are not yet offering this new cloud network hosting service and what they are having now is some high end dedicated servers. For most budget users with the small monthly budget, this dedicated server here that start from $139 is really a great bargain. They have few servers available, you can click following banner to go to their site and compare the server available.

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Hostgator coupons and $3.71/mo discounts

Hostgator.com is the best when come to professional website hosting. With large variety of options to choose from, including the budget plan, reseller, high performance VPS, and privately owned dedicated server. For each type of service, they have few packages available and user can choose the most suitable configuration available. At here, we have collection of web hosting coupons available that ready to give you extra discount and signup with lowest price ever. Don’t signup yet until you check on these offer prices.

Hostgator 55% Off During this St. Patrick’s Day Sale 2015

All web hosting plans are now 55% off and this offer applies to domain price too. Choose to signup this St. Patrick day and get the Hostgator domain registration for only $8 dollar (first year). This offer is applicable to following products:

  1. Shared hosting from $2.23/mo.
  2. VPS hosting from $8.98/mo.
  3. Reseller hosting from $11.23/mo.
  4. Dedicated server from $79/mo.

Hostgator St. Patrick sales 2015

Hostgator Coupon on Anniversary Sales 65% Off

This October 22nd is their 12 years anniversary sale and they are giving away a never seen before 65% off all web hosting plans. Choose any 6 months and get this huge discount price. This promotion is valid for 24 hours and chooses to use the default coupon code provided.

Hostgator birthday coupon with 65% off

Hostgator Coupon on Summer Sales 45% Off

This August 2014, they are having this weekend web hosting sales and anyone signup before August 19th will be able to grab this 45% discount price. This is 2 promotions in one; both their hosting plan and domain names are on sales. Order your new domain or additional registration for $8.00/year only.

Hostgator coupon Smoke

Biggest Hostgator Discount Ever With 75% Off

This summer sales 2014, they are having a great web hosting deal and their shared hosting is now as low as $2.24 per month for first 6 months. This is over 75% in discount and this promotion is only valid for 4 days only. Starting 24th July and ends by 27th July, this summer sales will give the following discount price:

  • 75% off all shared hosting packages from 1 to 6 months.
  • 45% off all other shared hosting packages.
  • 50% off all VPS hosting plans.
  • 45% off all dedicated hosting servers.

Hostgator coupon for Summer sales

Hostgator Coupon on World Cup 2014 Special Promotion

For this year 2014 World Cup season, they are having this one day sale throughout June 24th 2014 (24 hours only). Anyone who chooses to ‘support’ and signup this hosting will get 45% in discount and shared hosting starting at $2.72/mo only. Meanwhile the domain price is with discount too and now priced at $8.00 a year.

Hostgator Coupons Offering 25% & 30% Off

This is the most commonly found voucher and valid for most of the time. This is one time discount voucher and has been valid for many years. Apply this code when ordering their hosting products and get instant discounted price.

Hostgator coupon code hostgator371

This year 2013, there is one coupon that offering 30% discount. This code is valid for the month of July and offering flat rate. Don’t use the other coupon for this month, and this is the most superior voucher code to use.

Hostgator coupon 30% off

Hostgator One Cent Coupon Code for $9.94 Hosting

They have the most complete packages for webmaster to choose from. This price can be further discounted and get as low as $3.71 per month. Beside this offer, they also have one cent free trial for their Baby plan. Right now they offer free trial to Baby shared hosting and giving it away for one cent only. When using the right coupon code and choose to signup for first month, this plan is available for one cent only. When ordering Baby plan with monthly term and no domain name is selected, this voucher will gives 99% discount. Use following 1 cent coupon code “1CENTBABYPLAN” and signup Baby plan for one month. Pay nothing more than just one cent.

Hostgator one cent coupon

Hostgator Rebate Cash Back is Now $5

Getting more discounts are near impossible, however we try to give you one time $5 cash rebate if you can take part in our review program. Filled up your customer testimonial and get rewarded today.

Hostgator $5 cash rebates

Cloud Backup Server Now with Promotional Price

From within cPanel control panel, we can get a few kinds of promotion and products on sale. For example, this year we often spotted this cloud backup service starting at $19.95/year. This is the website backup service to secure your data from unexpected disaster that possibly destroy your website functionality.

Hostgator cloud backup service promotion

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Hostgator cPanel control panel and baby plan

Hostgator cPanel control panel is the best

All their hosting accounts are using the most popular cPanel control panel. For our own Baby account, it uses the same thing. Right here, we are going to review this and provide as much information as possible.

Firstly, we can login to this cPanel via our domain name and without going to the official Hostgator.com homepage to do so. Here is our login link: http://www.topwebhosting.space/cpanel

Hostgator cPanel with custom main page

If you are having a few cPanel accounts with various top web hosts, you will know how unique this cPanel is. It gives us a really positive first impression and most users will find it interesting. At the top section, there is domain search and registration tool. User can perform domain WHOIS check and even transfer domain to Hostgator.

Next, there is a special offers section. At here user can find the latest product deals, upgrade or addon at discount price. We can easily find more extra free gifts and goodies from here too. Some special offers are made available to existing customers and it will be shown at here as well.

Hostgator cPanel demo

Hostgator cPanel uses QuickInstall 1-click installer

In this control panel, we also get 1-click installer tool included inside. They have given us two type of installer which is Fantastico and QuickInstall. The later installer tool is our most preferred choice and this is the one we use to manage our site installation. In here, we can choose from their long list of supporting open source apps and we are using it to setup WordPress, Magento, Joomla, SMF forum, Modx, and Drupal.

Hostgator email accounts and services are tested here

Their email setup and connection is extremely easy and bugs free. Our demo account is able to send receive mail instantly. The speed is fast and relay is short. Remember that their shared hosting permits up to a 200 emails per hour. If you send over this amount in any hour, most of the mails will bounce back with an undelivered error. That makes 4800 emails the server daily limit. Honestly speaking, that is a huge amount, compare to GoDaddy host that allow 250 in total per day per domain. For user that require sending larger than 5000, you can signup to their VPS or dedicated server. There are no limits in these plans and thus solve your problem.

Hostgator webmail program review

They provide a few webmail clients program and it can be accessed from web browser. Usually we will enter our URL and follow by “webmail” and this will bring up the management page like below. Here is our webmail login page, http://www.topwebhosting.space/webmail

If your email account’s username and password is not stored in browser cache, then you’ll be prompt to entering it again. After logged in, we will get Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube webmail program. We most prefer SquirrelMail, cause of its speed of access and easier browsing.

Hostgator permitted file limits is one of the highest

From our finding, their entire shared plan (Hatchling, Baby and Business plans) allows 50000 files to be hosted and this is referred as inodes limit. In another term, user is allowed to host 50000 inodes in single account. User is allowed to host more than that and up to 250000 in one account. Problem is the first 50000 files will be backup periodically, remaining will be skipped. That is the hidden secret, and not many people know about this.

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Hostgator vs. Bluehost and Hostmonster: Is Hostgator really this good?

Web hosting plays a very important role in running and managing online business. It is important to choose the right hosting provider who will help you develop you business and take it to the next level. It is necessary to look for user reviews and recommendations when choosing your provider to make good use of your money. Below is a quick Hostgator vs. Bluehost vs. Hostmonster review that will help you pick the best web hosting.

1) A brief introduction

Hostgator: It provides hosting services to about 1 percent of websites on the internet. It was created in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Houston, USA. It is a leading provider of shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting and reseller hosting in the world. It has over 12,000 servers under management with over two million domains.

Bluehost: It was established in 1996. It is larger than Hostmonster, but smaller than Hostgator.

Hostmonster: It was established in 1999. It gives hosting services to millions of business and personal websites. It is known for providing quality services at very affordable prices.

2) Features and plans

Bluehost and Hostmonster: Bluehost and Hostmonster offer single hosting plan. There are many similarities between their features and products. For instance, both offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, free domain name for twelve months, free website builder, unlimited sub-domains, parked and add-ons, unlimited additional FTP accounts, MYSQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby and CGI, anytime money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, one click installer for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, cPanel control panel, Google Ad-words with $100 free credit and all time US support via email, chat or phone.

Hostgator: Hostgator offer different hosting plans depending on the needs of the customer. Their most popular plans are for VPS, Web, Unlimited Web and Windows hosting. Unlimited web hosting includes business, baby and hatching plans, windows hosting include enterprise and personal plans, web hosting reseller includes diamond, silver and aluminum plans while the VPS hosting includes Level 1, 2 and 3 plans.

Hostgator has same features as Bluehost or Hostmonster, but with some additions. The additions include;

  1. Linux web hosting which powered by cPanel and Windows web hosting plans which are powered by Plesk website hosting control panel.
  2. Site-Studio website building and free site builder tools with over 4,500 free websites templates.
  3. It meets all BBB Online participation for better membership standards with EC0-friendly green web hosting services.
  4. Unlimited SQL databases, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, instant backup via cPanel, free template-based website builder.
  5. Secure Sockets Layer site certificate for hatching and baby plans.
  6. 45-day money-back guarantee.
  7. Reseller hosting with 1400 GB of bandwidth, 200 GB of drive space, shared hosting plans, free domain reseller account and safe Harbor certification.

3) Plan and pricing

Bluehost and Hostmonster: They have similar pricing plans. For Bluehost, the monthly charges are $4.95 for the one year billing cycle, $3.95 for two years billing cycle and $3.49 for 3 three years billing cycle. On the other hand, the monthly charges for Hostmonster are $6.95 for one year billing cycle, $5.95 for two years billing cycle and $4.95 for three years billing cycle. They however give some special promotion offers to attract customers.

Hostgator: It has a very different pricing plan that depends on the type of hosting and plan. Unlimited web hosting varies from $4.95-$12.95 per month, Windows hosting ranges from $5.95-$17.95 per month, web hosting reseller pricing range from $24.95-$99.95 per month and the VPS hosting plans range from $19.95-$39.95 per month. Moreover, there are other plans which are managed by VPS hosting plans and dedicated hosting with Windows OS or Linux. Their charges start $179 per month.

4) Hostgator, Bluehost and Hostmonster review

It is clear Bluehost and Hostmonster lack some of the most important hosting features by Hostgator. It is therefore advisable for users, especially those who need heavy hosting services to switch off to Hostgator. This is because its services are of higher quality and more reliable. It may however be more expensive, but you can’t comprise the long term benefits of quality web hosting because of price. As a result, you will be sure of solid and honest business practices, secure backups, highly functional administration tools, maximum uptime and quality equipment backed up by highly functional and reliable customer service. In addition, you will enjoy benefits of world-class data centers and The Planet network that include quality cooling systems, safety, power and security.

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Hostgator vs. Siteground review and our expert breaks down the facts

Picking a web host is one of the most important decisions you will make. The Internet is flooded with companies and it can be easy to get lost in all the noise. We’re going to look at two of the Internet most reputable and well liked service providers. We will be comparing Hostgator with Siteground and seeing how they match up.

Hostgator is a company known far and wide for its web services. Founded in 2002, Hostgator is one of the longest standing providers in the web based market. The company has maintained a positive reputation throughout its long and tenured history. Hostgator currently hosts over 9,000,000.00 individual domains, making it one of the world largest providers. Although this appears to be a benefit, some members of the Hostgator community have complained that the rapid growth of the company has poorly affected its customer service. These complaints have been echoed back and forth for many years. We will discuss them further below.

  1. Pro: Hostgator has a long standing and widely trusted reputation. It continues to grow at a rapid pace allowing the company to upgrade its infrastructure at an unprecedented rate. With uptime of over 99.99% Hostgator is a strong pick for anyone who value reliability and acclaim.
  2. Cons: Hostgator rapid growth has had some negative side effects. As with any company that grows faster than it can react, negative attributes are sure to sprout up. The leading problem remains and continues to be sub-par customer service. This is a problem that has plagued Hostgator for years but has recently been shown to be improving.
  3. Benefit: Hostgator long lasting reputation and its amazing up times. Hostgator also remains one of the most resilient and innovative hosts; Keeping you at the forefront of changes and trends.
  4. Cost: Hostgator has full hosting plans for as little as $3.96 a month. Along with constant coupons and promotions, Hostgator always has incredible deals and savings. Backed with a 45 day money back guarantee it’s hard to go wrong.
  5. You Should Pick Hostgator If: Uptime and innovation are what you strive for. If you need to stay at the front of the ever changing world, Hostgator has your back.

Siteground was founded in 2004 and has quickly grown to take the place as a top web service provider. Not nearly as well known as Hostgator, Siteground is not without its large and loyal following. Boasting over 250,000 individual domains, Siteground is far from a third rate host service. In-fact due to the ratio of employees to domains, Siteground has an un-blemished customer service reputation. This has helped it to retain a vibrant and widespread customer following.

  1. Pro: Siteground is a company that really places focus on the customer. With some of the best customer service of any company, Siteground is always there for you.
  2. Cons: Siteground hosts a slightly less consistent uptime of 99.93%. Although this means little to most people, for serious companies and individuals uptime is everything. In light of being a smaller company Siteground is not always at the forefront of upgraded infrastructure and design.
  3. Benefit: Siteground is a young company that keeps trying new and creative ideas. Their customer service is immaculate and their small but loyal following speaks for itself.
  4. Cost: Siteground has full hosting options for as little as $3.95 and backed with a 30-Day money back guarantee.
  5. You Should Pick Siteground If: You value customer service above all else. If you need the security of knowing someone is always there to help, Siteground is the place to be.

If you value being at the forefront of the world around you, a long history of dedication and innovation, Hostgator leans more in your direction. But if you yearn for constant security and human interaction, Siteground may be more for your taste. View our complete Siteground reviews and demo here.

Regardless of where you pick to host you can always change your mind. Transferring hosting has become a very simple issue that can be resolved by anyone with any level of technical ability. There are countless online tutorials, videos, and guides on how to go from one provider to another. Siteground and Hostgator both offer instruction on how to swap host and will be your best bet at accurate and reliable information.

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Hostgator vs. Godaddy and our 7 keys comparison

Hostgator and Godaddy are no doubt among the top web hosting companies. This begs the question, which one between them is better? They are both popular because of the great services they offer to their customers. Getting to know the difference between the services offered by these two companies will help to make it easy for you to choose one among them that suits you best. Deciding to get hosting from the first company that you come across is not always the best choice. It is wise to compare different companies and to get more information about a given company before you make your final decision. This is an in-depth review of Hostgator and Godaddy as well as a comparison between these two major players in the web hosting business;

1) The price

When you get hosting services from any of these two companies, you can pay for the services on a monthly basis, after six months or annually. A quick comparison at their basic entry level hosting plans will show that you will be charged $3.96 per month when you use Hostgator and $4.99 per month when you decide to host a site at Godaddy. The prices change from time to time and that is why it is advisable to check the latest prices. Both companies offer discounts from time to time. Both companies also allow you to make your payments using PayPal or credit card.

2) Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that the users navigating your site can transfer. There are many hosting companies that limit the bandwidth that can be used. However, both Hostgator and Godaddy offer unlimited bandwidth to their customers. Therefore, if you host your site using any of these two companies, you can be sure that everyone who will use your site will have unlimited access.

3) Disk space

Disk space refers to the place where your files, images and videos are kept. If you are going to create a site that will have so much information that includes photos and videos, you obviously need a lot of disk space. Both Hostgator and Godaddy offer unlimited disk space to their customers. However, Godaddy limits your disk space to a 100 GB when you are on the entry level plan. You will only enjoy unlimited disk space when you use any of the other plans that Godaddy offers.

4) Free domain name

When you take up an annual plan on any of these two sites, you will be given a free domain name. If you want to host more websites, you will have to upgrade to the more expensive plans when you are using both Hostgator and Godaddy. This is because the basic entry hosting plans only allow you to host one website.

5) Customer support

Customer support is very important for webmasters. This is because there are many problems that you can run into when hosting your site using a given web host. You need someone to help you sort out your problems as first as possible. Both Godaddy and Hostgator offer excellent customer services. The have both won awards for their high quality customer support. They both provide live chat support. Their technical support teams can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6) Account set up

Setting up your account on both Hostgator and Godaddy is really easy. You can set up an account almost instantly when you use the services of any of these two companies so that you can start working on your site as soon as possible. However, there are times when it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be active on Godaddy.

7) Money back guarantee

Both Hostgator and Godaddy will give you your money back if you make a request within 45 days after paying for any plan. However, with Godaddy, you have to request for a refund 48 hours after making a payment to get a full refund. If you request for a refund after 48 hours, you will only get credits that can be used in-store only.

Hostgator and Godaddy both provide excellent webs hosting services. However, when you carefully analyze both companies, you will realize that Hostgator is a better choice because of the lower prices, unlimited disk space on all plans, faster account setup and a money back guarantee that has fewer conditions.

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Hostgator Magento commerce test site

Is Hostgator Magento works? This is a simple default Magento shopping site we have created in our Baby Plan. In here, we have installed various types of CMS and shopping carts and off course this including the famous Magento Commerce. It takes a few minutes of time only and we are able to setup a simple Magento site right here at sub directory.

Magento is the eCommerce software platform for growth that promises to revolutionize the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility means your business is no longer constrained by your eCommerce platform. Magento is total control.

Install Size: 78.18 MB
Official Site: http://www.magentocommerce.com/

Yes, up to this point here we already setup the latest Magento and it works. We can access admin page and configure content from here. Next is we put up a content page and include in some link and image. We are able to publish the content and make it available. The more advanced shopping cart and product listing are not being tested here.

Following is our Magento demo test site looks like.

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Hostgator Joomla demo test site

Is Hostgator Joomla site compatible? In order to find out, we use our Baby shared hosting account for testing. We setup a simple Joomla site via QuickInstall 1-click installer and see how well the site works from here. We are using this cPanel shared hosting plan for Joomla installation and hosting. Once we have setup the site, we use the administrator page to edit site menu list and add in some shortcut back to our main review site, this is for navigation conveniences.

Next thing to do is to check the content publishing and editing feature at here. Yes, we are now adding more content to the default getting started page and all content here is self written. This mean we are accessing the admin page and get to edit article section. Make the necessary changes and save it, and publish it online.

Is Hostgator a good place to host Joomla website? The quick simple answer will be yes. We are able to setup this default Joomla site within 5 minutes via installer, and later spend another 10 minutes to edit the site and put up some links and content here. You can do the same and setup own personal or commercial website just like this one within 10 to 15 minutes if you have chosen their shared web hosting plans as well.

Looking for a Hostgator Joomla demo test site? Our test site has been removed and deleted cause of some SEO concern. In order to keep our review site optimized and not being penalized by Google, we are now only providing screenshot and following is the main page of our Joomla demo site.

Hostgator Joomla demo site

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Hostgator Drupal CMS review and speed

Hosting Drupal at Hostgator.com Baby plan? After many years using their shared hosting service, we know they are different and one of the best. They have 3 shared hosting packages and the most recommended is the Hostgator Baby plan that allows unlimited domains and this plan is fully compatible for Drupal CMS website too. We have tested this and setup this Drupal demo website in our own Hostgator account. Right here, we test the Drupal installation.

To start this, login to Hostgator cPanel control panel and go to QuickInstall the 1-click installer.
In here, we choose Drupal 7 and here is the CMS choice.

Hostgator Drupal CMS Installer

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications.

  • Version: 7.22
  • Install Size: 12.25 MB
  • Official Site: http://www.drupal.org

Once completed the installation, we are presented with the following:
Your installation is ready. You can access it now by going here. If there is any login information, it will have been sent to the email address you provided. You can log in with the following credentials.

From this Drupal website installation, we can see the setup process is simple, quick and hassle free. There is no technical skill required anywhere, and the site is setup automatically. There is no problem anywhere. Overall installation experience is great and couldn’t be better. And for this reason, we are rating it a 10 out of 10.

Besides Baby plan, user can use the basic Hatchling plan or Business plan as well. Basically they are the same quality; however the Hatchling plan only allow single website to be hosted. Business package is suitable for business site that require SSL cert and HTTPS secure page.

Is Hostgator Drupal hosting any good? In previous test, we have setup Drupal website in this Hostgator shared hosting account. Next thing we like to do is to check the Drupal site performance and website loading time. This will reveal more information and tell us how good this Hostgator when come to Drupal site hosting.

We know their server is running localhost database configuration and this allow the maximum database connection speed. Next, we are using online website speed check tool to test this Hostgator Drupal site speed and see how fast it can load. Here is the statistic we get:

  • Website loading time is 0.657 second.
  • Website size is 165 kilobytes.
  • Website speed in average is 251 KB/sec.

Hostgator Drupal site speed

From our website speed test, we know this shared hosting is fast and perfect for Drupal CMS websites. Next, we are checking their website uptime and want to make sure all Drupal sites are up running entire time.

From this testing, we know the Drupal site is performing great and the speed is remarkable. It is faster compare to our WordPress site.

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